URL Actions


You can directly launch Fulcrum, create new records and update existing records via URL parameters on both the web and mobile apps. This allows you to easily integrate Fulcrum with other applications and services to build custom workflows, such as:

  • Scheduling work outside of Fulcrum and sending daily worksheets to your field crews.

  • Adding record links to calendar events for scheduling and notification.

  • Sending a text message with a record link for immediate inspection.

  • Passing coordinates from another application or web map to create a new Fulcrum record.

Web Actions

Records can be viewed, created, and edited directly on the web using the following actions:

https://web.fulcrumapp.com/dash/{form_id}Open a form to view or edit records. Optional mode parameter to define view mode with the following values: map, split, table
https://web.fulcrumapp.com/records/newCreate a new record
https://web.fulcrumapp.com/records/{record_id}Open an existing record
https://web.fulcrumapp.com/records/{record_id}?mode=editEdit an existing record

Mobile Actions

Both the Android and iOS apps support opening the app using the fulcrumapp:// URL scheme.

fulcrumapp://openLaunch the Fulcrum app
fulcrumapp://new-recordCreate a new record
fulcrumapp://edit-recordEdit an existing record

Open Parameters

form_idnoThe form ID to open when Fulcrum launches

New Record Parameters

form_idyesThe form ID to activate and use for the new record
project_idnoThe project ID of the new record
statusnoThe status of the new record
latitudenoThe latitude of the new record
longitudenoThe latitude of the new record
...attributesnoAny other URL encoded attributes should be data_name=value pairs to set on the new record

Edit Record Parameters

record_idyesThe record ID to edit
project_idnoThe project ID of the record
statusnoThe status of the record
latitudenoThe latitude of the record
longitudenoThe longitude of the record
...attributesnoAny other URL encoded attributes should be data_name=value pairs to set on the record

Supported Field Types

TextUri encoded text value
Yes/NoUri encoded text value
BarcodeUri encoded text value
HyperlinkUri encoded text value
SingleChoice ('Other' is not supported)Uri encoded text value
ClassificationUri encoded, comma delimited list of values. ex: 1%2C2%2Chello%2C4


  • form_id must exist for new-record action
  • record_id must exist for edit-record action
  • If project_id is passed
    • the project must exist
    • the active account's role must have permission to change projects
  • If status is passed, the active account's role must have permission to change the status
  • latitude must be a number and must be: -90 <= latitude <= 90
  • longitude must be a number and must be: -180 <= longitude <= 180


  • fulcrumapp://new-record?form_id=c55adab9-916d-46e9-98aa-7a2388a77b24&number_of_floors=3&sq_footage=2300

  • fulcrumapp://new-record?form_id=c55adab9-916d-46e9-98aa-7a2388a77b24&status=incomplete&sq_footage=2300&name=My%20Awesome%20Building&number_of_floors=3&latitude=28.038046&longitude=-81.952514

  • fulcrumapp://edit-record?record_id=11fb2a54-5158-4848-8695-c405c54525e4&status=incomplete&sq_footage=2300&name=SNI&number_of_floors=3&latitude=28.038046&longitude=-81.952514


Several core Android apps, including Gmail and Messenger do not support custom schemes and will not correctly link to Fulcrum if you try to use the following <a href="fulcrumapp://new-record?form_id=123-xyz">Create new record</a>. We have setup a dedicated http page to help overcome this issue, by providing a web link, which opens the browser and redirects to open the Fulcrum app. If you are dealing with this issue, try the following:

  • <a href="https://web.fulcrumapp.com/action/#new-record?form_id=123-xyz">Create new record</a> for new records
  • <a href="https://web.fulcrumapp.com/action/#edit-record?record_id=xyz-123">Edit record</a> for existing edits

This solution should work for both Android and iOS.