Cover Page

Edit cover page [photo / map / metadata]

There are many cover page features you can enable/disable under the SCRIPT section by setting the feature to true or false. You can also change the cover page map type to roadmap, terrain, satellite, or hybrid.


options to change base maps

If you wish to change the size of the cover page map, you can edit the height of .meta-map img class under STYLES section.


map styles

Show repeatable records on map

Suppose you want to show repeatable records on the cover page map with different styling as the example below. The red pin represents the parent record and the two black pins represent child records with location data. Please note that the color of the pin (HEX Color: can be customized whereas numeric symbol cannot be (single alpha-numeric character allowed):


map with repeatables

In the BODY section, scroll down to the line where it shows const markers. A couple lines below the markers definition, you will see for (const item of items) {. This is where we are going to add customization.

Add var count=1; just before for (const item of items) { and change the color and label as shown below. Also, before the closing }, add count++;.


repeatable code snippet

Zoom map

To zoom in the cover page map, increase or decrease the zoom parameter used in the MAP_OPTIONS function of the SCRIPT section: