Repeatable record sorting

This example will force the sorting of child records in a repeatable section based on the field with the data name field_data_name. To make this work in your app you will need to update the word repeatable with the data name of your repeatable section and update the work field_data_name with the data name of the field you want to sort by.

function rawSetValue(dataname, value) {
  const field_key = FIELD(dataname).key;
  var result = {
    type: "set-value",
    key: field_key,
    value: JSON.stringify(value)

ON('change', 'repeatable', () => {
  let reps = $repeatable;
  let sorted = reps.sort((a, b) => parseInt(a.form_values[FIELD('field_data_name').key]) > parseInt(b.form_values[FIELD('field_data_name').key]) ? 1 : -1 );
  rawSetValue('repeatable', sorted);