Split Value Captured in a Field

This can be used to split a value captured in a field and pull out only the part of the value that you wish to use or display. The different components of the values need to be separated by a common character. In the example below the common character is a dot ..

The most common use case is to split a choice value captured in a choice field that includes data that you want to use or display somewhere else the record. For example, if you have the cost associated with the choice and wish to use this value in a mathematical expression. So if you had a value of wrench.15, the expression below would return 15.

if (CHOICEVALUE($choice_field)!= null) {
  var selection = CHOICEVALUE($choice_field)
  // split the selection string into an array around the '.'
  var splitSelection = selection.split(".");

  //set the result to the second value in the splitSelection array, use [0] for the first value