Prevent editing an old record

This example listens for record edits and compares the current timestamp with the created_at timestamp of the record. If the record was created more than 30 days ago, the user receives an ALERT that the record can no longer be edited and prompts them to create a new record. The record is also marked as INVALID so edits cannot be saved.

function daysBetween(date1, date2) {
  // The number of milliseconds in one day
  var oneDay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;
  // Convert both dates to milliseconds
  var date1MS = date1.getTime();
  var date2MS = date2.getTime();
  // Calculate the difference in milliseconds
  var differenceMS = Math.abs(date1MS - date2MS);
  // Convert back to days and return
  return Math.round(differenceMS/oneDay);

ON('edit-record', function (event) {
  var now = new Date();
  var createdAt = new Date(this.featureCreatedAt * 1000);
  var age = daysBetween(now, createdAt);
  if (age > 30) {
    var message = 'This record was created over 30 days ago and can no longer be edited. Please create a new record';
    ALERT('Warning!', message);
    ON('validate-record', function (event) {