Auto-increment values

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to note that this will only work if a single device is being used to collect data. The STORAGE() function only stores data locally on the device/browser being used at the time the function is being used. So if multiple devices/browser are being used this example will NOT work for your use case.

This example will store a value in the local storage on the device when a record is saved. The value stored comes from the field in the record. The next time a record is created on that device/browser the value in storage will be referenced and have 1 added to in and then placed in the field.

var storage = STORAGE();

ON('new-record', function(event) {

    var count = storage.getItem('key');
    SETVALUE('field', NUM(count) + 1);
  else {
    SETVALUE('field', 1);


ON('save-record', function(event) {
   storage.setItem('key', $field);