Developer Information

While Fulcrum is designed to be user-friendly, it's also developer-friendly and highly extensible, with plenty of integration hooks and a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API). Power users across the globe are leveraging our Developer Pack for deeply integrating the reliable Fulcrum data collection platform with their existing infrastructure and wiring Fulcrum up to other best-in-class tools.

What can you build on the platform?

  • Use the REST API to programmatically create or update records, forms and other objects.
  • Use the Query API to fetch data for reporting, analytics, or mapping applications.
  • Register a Webhook to receive real-time event notifications or integrate with other services via Zapier.

Develop Custom Applications

Using our REST APIs, code libraries and sample apps, you can get started building your own tools harnessing Fulcrum’s cloud infrastructure. As an example, you could create an iOS app tailored to your specific needs that, using the API, syncs down a custom form you’ve created with the form builder, allows for data collection online or offline, then syncs data back up to your Fulcrum account. Custom mobile apps could allow you to leverage offline data collection inside an app without having to build the backend infrastructure yourself.

Or if you were building a web map for a municipality’s website that displayed data as it was collected in real-time from Fulcrum users, you could use the simple APIs in Ruby or JavaScript to request and display the data on an interactive map. Rich, data-driven maps become possible with a few simple API calls, and are powered by our scalable, redundant cloud servers, removing the need to do even more infrastructure management.

Integrate Our Mobile Applications

If you have existing catalogs of data, or you have your own proprietary applications and need a powerful mobile data collection tool, integrating with the Fulcrum platform and API allows you to take advantage of a suite of mobile collection apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. By integrating your own databases and applications with the Fulcrum API, you can build connectors to transfer your data into your Fulcrum platform account, use the Fulcrum mobile apps to do field collection with the data, and bring those changes back into your own systems.

Secure Storage

The Fulcrum platform’s storage architecture is safe and secure from end-to-end. A Fulcrum account provides you with a private data store, accessible only to you (or members of your organization you’ve granted access). Fulcrum’s cloud storage also provides redundancy and high-availability.

Import & Export

Data within your Fulcrum account is always available to you, to export in a variety of open formats. By using Fulcrum’s developer tools, you can manage your own imports, schedule how and when imports of data from your own databases happen, and also do the same with export of data through the API.

API Libraries

There are several open source libraries available for working with the Fulcrum API in your language of choice.