Formats a number into a locale-specific currency format. This function is useful when including a currency amount in a longer piece of text. To display just a currency in a calculated field, it's recommended to set the display type of the calculated field to Currency and just return a number in the expression. When the display type of the calculated field is set to currency, the number is automatically displayed as a formatted currency.


value Number (required) - a dollar amount

decimals Number (optional) [default = 2] - the number of decimal places (default is 2)

currency String (optional) [default = locale default] - the currency code to display (e.g. USD, EUR, or AUD)

language String (optional) [default = locale default] - the language locale used to format the currency. (e.g. en-US, pt-BR, or en-GB)


String - formatted currency



// returns "$1,234.57"
// USD formatted in French
DOLLAR(1234.567, 2, 'USD', 'fr-FR')

// returns "1 234,57 $US"
// Euro formatted in Portuguese
DOLLAR(1234.567, 2, 'EUR', 'pt-BR')

// returns "€1.234,57"