Signatures API

The Signatures API gives you access to a record's signatures. In order to upload a record with signatures, you must upload each signature individually. By default, fetching the records will generate the URLs for the signature, if a signature exists for that record.


access_keystringyesnoThe ID of the signature.
created_atstringnoyesTimestamp when the signature was created.
updated_atstringnoyesTimestamp when the signature was last updated.
created_bystringnoyesThe name of user who created the signature.
created_by_idstringnoyesThe id of user who created the signature.
updated_bystringnoyesThe name of user who last updated the signature.
updated_by_idstringnoyesThe id of user who last updated the signature.
uploadedbooleannoyesThe file has been uploaded, but might not be fully stored on the backend yet. This is the least useful indicator unless you're writing a synchronizer
storedbooleannoyesThe original attribute is available for download.
processedbooleannoyesThe additional versions of the media are available for download. (thumbnails or small versions).
record_idstringnoyesThe id of the record the signature is associated with.
form_idstringnoyesThe id of the form the signature is associated with.
file_sizenumbernoyesThe size of the signature file in bytes.
content_typestringnoyesThe content type of the signature file.
urlstringnoyesThe URL to access the signature.
thumbnailstringnoyesThe URL to access the thumbnail version of the signature.
largestringnoyesThe URL to access the large version of the signature.
originalstringnoyesThe URL to access the original version of the signature.


The following properties must be included in order to create/update a photo object in our system. Any validation errors will return a 422 and an object with a list of validation errors.

Required Properties

signature[access_key]stringThe id of the signature."9855e3f2-85a5-4b9f-9e62-0b1bbcfef091"
signature[file]multipart/form-dataThe signature file.See example below.

Example validation response if access_key is not included:

  "signatures": {
    "errors": {
      "access_key": ["must be provided"]


  • There is no DELETE method for signatures. Signatures can be effectively deleted by unlinking them from their associated record.

Sample Response

  "signature": {
    "access_key": "9855e3f2-85a5-4b9f-9e62-0b1bbcfef091",
    "created_at": "2015-07-09T14:54:32Z",
    "updated_at": "2015-07-09T14:54:32Z",
    "uploaded": true,
    "stored": true,
    "processed": true,
    "record_id": "215f4147-51b5-42bb-84af-06b8112d9ecf",
    "form_id": "f99c0c14-7861-40b5-882c-d33fe2bcdeb2",
    "file_size": 22826,
    "content_type": "image/png",
    "url": "",
    "created_by": "Bryan McBride",
    "created_by_id": "50633f84a934480d260001db",
    "updated_by": "Bryan McBride",
    "updated_by_id": "50633f84a934480d260001db",
    "thumbnail": "",
    "large": "",
    "original": ""