Create Batch to Bulk Delete Records

Using the batch operations API, you can bulk delete records from a form.

Users with the bulk delete permission can delete records via the batch API POST.


  • Once a batch delete has started it CANNOT BE TERMINATED
  • Do not include multiple operations within the same batch. Only the first operation will run.
  • You will need to include an SQL query that indicates which records you want to delete, and make sure to alias the _record_id field as id. For example, if you wanted to delete all records in an app, your query would be"SELECT \_record_id AS id FROM \"Testing App\""\
  • The maximum amount of records that can be deleted at this time is 10,000

Sample request body

    "batch": {
        "start": true,
        "operations": [
                "action": "delete",
                "resource": "record",
                "form_id": "a5e0bef4-71b9-11ee-b962-0242ac120002",
                "query": "SELECT _record_id AS id FROM \"Testing App\" WHERE _status='delete_this'"

Sample create batch response

    "batch": {
        "status": "running",
        "objects_total": 60,
        "objects_success": 0,
        "id": "a5e0bef4-71b9-11ee-b962-0242ac120002",
        "created_at": "2023-10-16T16:48:14Z",
        "updated_at": "2023-10-16T16:48:14Z",
        "created_by": "Vincent Lauffer",
        "created_by_id": "b774e44c-71b9-11ee-b962-0242ac120002",
        "updated_by": "Vincent Lauffer",
        "updated_by_id": "b774e44c-71b9-11ee-b962-0242ac120002"
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