Projects API

The Projects API gives you access to the projects within your Fulcrum account. Projects can be used to separate your data into different groups for access, filtering, and exporting purposes.


namestringyesnoThe name of the project.
descriptionstringnonoOptional project description.
record_countnumericnoyes# of records using the project.
form_countnumericnoyes# of forms using the project.
statusstringnonoStatus of the project.
customerstringnonoOptional name of customer.
external_job_idstringnonoOptional job ID.
start_datestringnonoOptional start date of the project.
end_datestringnonoOptional end date of the project.
project_manager_idstringnonoOptional user who is assigned as the project manager.
idstringnoyesThe id of the project.
created_atstringnoyesTimestamp when the project was created.
updated_atstringnoyesTimestamp when the project was last updated.


The following properties must be included in order to create/update a project object in our system. Any validation errors will return a 422 and an object with a list of validation errors.

Required Properties

namestringThe name of the project."Pinellas County"

Example validation response if name is not included:

  "project": {
    "errors": {
      "name": ["can't be blank"]


  • The entire project object is required when making an update. Omitting fields with existing data will result in data loss! The typical workflow for updating an existing project is to fetch the project object, modify it, and then submit the PUT request.

Sample Response

  "project": {
    "name": "Pinellas County",
    "description": "For records in Pinellas County",
    "id": "60786571-46b4-43b8-8f49-7d8f0f45987e",
    "created_at": "2013-10-29T15:49:09Z",
    "updated_at": "2014-11-18T15:23:48Z"